From Welfare to Wealth – A Blind Man’s Journey from Scarcity to World Champion
Are you the one who’s always complaining about never having enough money or maybe you’re not as financially successful as your peers or colleagues? Have you ever wondered what the “secret Are?” was or what exactly you could be doing differently to increase your financial success in life? Well, if you follow the tips and informative knowledge ” From Welfare to Wealth – A Blind Man’s Journey from Scarcity to World Champion” Learn exactly how you can take charge of your money and your life.

When it comes to building wealth, having knowledge is important  and having self discipline is even more important. You have to realize that no matter how hard you work or how badly you want to build wealth, it’s going to require hard work and a lot of patience. It won’t happen overnight. Many people realize that it doesn’t happen overnight but they still fail to discipline themselves and work hard everyday in order to accomplish their long term goal.

If you can master the art of self perseverance then you’ve got what it takes to become spiritually and financially successful.Focusing on success can blind you from the most important thing of all which is to learn from your failures and mistakes so that you do not make them again. Learn to identify failures and educate yourself so that you do not make the same mistake twice. If you ever want to become rich in Home and in Life ask yourself this, “What have I done in life so far that has resulted in me not being rich and what can I do to change that?”. If you can learn from your failures and change your bad habits  your on your way to a successful you.

To take your motivation further and to reach the successful you!

Work At Home Mom Opportunities
Are you a work at home mom looking to make some extra spending money in your spare time? Well you’re definitely not alone. There are many reasons why a person might want to or even be forced to be a stay at home mom or dad. However, staying at home with your child or children can take a toll on your financial life. Whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra spending money for yourself each week, or a way to help out with the bills and errands, the two options below will help you be on your way.

Freelance Writing
Have you ever considered freelance writing? Many moms all over the globe are making their living from it right from their living room. Freelance writing is fairly easy and all it takes is some time and basic writing skills. There’s many routes you can take when deciding to be a freelance writer. But first, you must decide what type of writer you want to be. Do you want to write for magazines, newspapers, content mills, or directly to client? Once you have decided this it’s time to market yourself and find clients. When you get a steady flow of clients coming in, you will have a steady pay rate per hour, and that rate will steadily increase with time. We offer opportunities here to write for us in your spare time. Click Here for details.

Home Beauty Services
You could host your own home beauty services right from your living room. You don’t even need certification. Offer your skills in things like massage therapy, hair , make-up, and whatever else you can do. Find clients in your neighborhood at first, and once you get big enough in your business, you can expand to new places. Use sites such as Craigslist or maybe even Facebook to market yourself and your services. When starting off, you should charge lower prices and slowly increase as your business expands.

How to make medicine taste better with the help of flavorplus

When your child is sick, he or she may need to take some kind of medicine. This can be a daunting task for most parents as most medicines are bitter tasting and often lead to refusal by your child. Both Parents and doctors agree that getting kids to take medicine, especially if they have a chronic condition, can be a challenge for any parent. But if you start out with a bad experience, it can all go downhill in a hurry and become a continual problem with the taking of medicines. With Flavor Plus children respond better to taking their medicine. A child’s medicine is essential to recovery such as most prescription medicines used for  fevers, and infections. Most children especially children aged 1 to 4 years vigorously refuse to take medicines but with this product all the fuss is over and best of all its a 100% safe natural sweetner. Another great idea for the use of this product is to place a few drops in to get your child to drink water. All parents can agree getting your child to drink water is a full blown fight. Flavor Plus comes in many great tasting flavors simply add a drop or two and your child can enjoy a refreshing cup of water and you’ll enjoy the smile.

Key Features:

  • Yummy Meds: Turn Yucky medicine into Yummy medicine
  • Trusted by Mothers! Safe,no Side effects, Great taste
  • Natural sweetener*  (Sugar-free) unlike artificial ones seen on the market.
  • Bitterness suppressor​ to mask bitter medicines
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Diabetes friendly
  • FDA registered, HACCP certified all flavor ingredients are on FEMA list.
  • ISO/IEC tested* & certified
  • Preservative free, colorant free,dye free
  • 1 Oz amber glass vial to protect from light and maintain freshness​​
  • 600 Drops of flavor!​

We can all agree that Flavor Plus is a great option in helping the medicine go down and the perfect solution for parents everywhere. Give it a try visit them today!  You will be glad you did. is a Mommy’s Best Tool!

 photo momtools_zps5de3ac4d.jpg

Being a mother of three under the age of three , life is the best kind of chaotic. With the type of messes I’m dealing with every day, there are numerous outfit changes daily. The expense of having these lovely little monsters is a good chunk of money as it seems that as fast as we change outfits they are growing out of them even faster. I am always trying to find ways to save money and time so I was happy to stumble upon is not only a great consignment store online, but they offer unique services that makes them stand out above the rest. You can purchase great labels for your children in a great selection of shoes, toys, accessories and any other items you may need for your nursery. They have great labels at even greater prices. Shopping with them will save you over 80% off of retail. And if you are looking for an even better deal, for a flat rate of $14.99 you can get a box of their bargain bin clothes! These clothes are in great condition, but may have few defects such as a missing button or may not be a popular label. So if you handle sew a quick button back or labels are not important to you this is a great deal. I love it as my kids play hard and rough. I love getting these types of clothes so that I have no worries about the kids ruining them or getting dirty. They even have layaway! So do you Christmas shopping now and pay later! Not only can you buy great items here but you can even make a bit of cash as well. Before I use to sell my used kid items at garage sales and mom to mom sales. Any mom who has participate in any kind of mom to mom sale before can tell you it’s a lot of time to prepare for each of these sales. You have to prepare your items, tag them, merchandise them and have to give up a whole Saturday to be there and sell. It is a lot of time! So when I found out that can take care of all of these services for you, I was thrilled! All you have to do is sign up as a consignor and you can choose whether you would like them to have your items on their website or taken to an event consigning. It is so hassle free! All you have to do is send in your items and they take care of the rest. Then after you get a nice check in the mail.

Want to learn more? All you have to do is visit their site and all the information you need is there. Reading all of the great and positive testimonials was reassurance for me to trust my items with them and know that I am getting the best price for my goods. I love being able to get money back for my items without all the hard work that goes in with trying to sell my used baby items myself. has been such a great mommy tool for me.

Amazon Mom: A Journey from Mom to Successful Online Entrepreneur

Amazon Mom is a must read for all moms dreaming to stay at home and earn a living. Finding a balance between life, mother hood and your job can be a real struggle. Time is the prime factor in building a business and contributes to many quitting before they start. Success is hard work, especially when you’re a mom trying to run a business and a household. Whether because of life circumstances or constitutional makeup, any success in life is not  merely or primarily because of luck , but sheerly from will and perseverance, especially when things were tough. Once you hone in on your skills, and develop a system your ready. Through it all, as you seek to balance the scale of family and career, remember you are the core. Take time to nurture your children, your business and most important yourself. Many say juggling success and mommy duties can not be done. This certainly was not true for Stacy McCafferty. Her book Amazon Mom tells a story of her doing just that! Stacy takes you along on her journey from becoming a new Mom to learning and running a successful Amazon business all from the comfort of her own home. This quick read, jam-packed with inspiration and information. It will empower you to want to start  your own journey to  financial freedom. Purchase your book Today! You’ll be glad you did!



Dental I.T. Available In The North Bay Area
There are many concerns and responsibilities when preparing to open an office or running one. Think of Dental I.T. in the North Bay area to help identify the necessary equipment, software management and  more for your office or practice.Running a successful practice takes skill, and dedication .With the insight and solutions you need  your practice will grow. Dental I.T will be there for you every step of the way. Technology is constantly changing, and you simply can’t put off major changes like switching to an Electronic Medical Records system. Their Specialist know all the ins and outs and will help you stay on the cutting edge. Their specialists can also provide guidance on IT service on existing equipment and software. First-rate medical practice IT support is critical, especially in a healthcare environment and must be Compliant to HIPAA Guidelines. Medical practices must be able to maintain a stable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever-changing dynamic industry. Because of their vast industry experience and expertise, Dental I.T will assist you with any and all IT needs within your medical practice, from initial system installation and encryption to a full range of support options.
Services Include :



Visit Them Today To Get Started!

Best List Of Pregnancy Books For Expecting Moms
Discover the Best Pregnancy Books for expecting moms using this list. Child
birth is an amazing, life-changing experience. It takes preparation and knowledge to make this precious event go smoothly. Fear of the unknown can change a blessed event to a tension filled disaster. It can make natural birth a scary and painful experience, rather than a wonderful and empowering accomplishment. These pregnancy books listed help walk you through and prepare you for your child’s arrival. There is no way to emphasize enough how important it is to prepare yourself with all the knowledge about your pregnancy and childbirth options. There is a wealth of useful information offered in the books listed , simply choose among the pregnancy, and childbirth  books located here. The quality of information and value of guidance in these books that are listed will surely prepare you for your big day.

The following are some of the best pregnancy and natural birth books that were proven to be instrumental  in making  labor an experience to look back on fondly. If you are considering natural birth, or looking tfor more insigtful information Wahminc highly encourage these books.

Create A Family Website Free with

Who wouldn’t love to have a easy way in keeping in touch with family and showing family pride with your children.With Familydetails Share, Remember, Announce and more with your very own family website.In just minutes, you can easily create a free website or upgrade your plan . Your website will be geared toward ALL THINGS FAMILY. No Longer worry about what is shared with friends or even the world as only family will see. Who’s keen on the world knowing your family business better yet sharing your children’s photos without your knowledge. No more of what you want private showing up in public search engines.Here, you can create a website to which only our family can contribute. A private  family website can be a real asset, focusing on photos and family memoirs, as well as invitations to meet up. Unlike creating a website for commercial purposes, a family site isn’t there to attract customers,you’ll want to encourage other family members to contribute and share their memories. Share and build your  family tree, make major announcements such as wedding or birth, or plan your family reunion. What ever you choose have the peace of mind knowing that family affairs will be only be shared with family. If you can’t trust family who can you trust. Start your family website Now! and absolutely FREE!

Benefits of a Private Family Website: the latest scoop on your family. have your family’s current address, phone numbers, and email. share photos and videos – you can upload an entire folder of photos in just a couple of clicks. with your family, right from within your browser! with your family, right from within your browser! Calendar – never miss a birthday again! family tree maker and Much More!


Benefits of a Private Family Website:

  • Get the latest scoop on your family.
  • Always have your family’s current address, phone numbers, and email.
  • Easily share photos and videos – you can upload an entire folder of photos in just a couple of clicks.
  • Chat with your family, right from within your browser!
  • Family Calendar – never miss a birthday again!
  • Built-in family tree maker and Much More!

Sign up in 30 seconds. It’s Free!

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Benefits of a Private Family Website:

  • Get the latest scoop on your family.
  • Always have your family’s current address, phone numbers, and email.
  • Easily share photos and videos – you can upload an entire folder of photos in just a couple of clicks.
  • Chat with your family, right from within your browser!
  • Family Calendar – never miss a birthday again!
  • Built-in family tree maker and Much More!

Sign up in 30 seconds. It’s Free!

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