The Art Of Jewerly “DesignbyAthena”
From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, each piece of handmade jewelry showcases the skill of an artist while making a unique statement of style. DesignbyAthena offers one-of-a-kind and distinctive accessories and an exciting shopping experience that will make anyone feel beautiful, creative and connected. Receive 15% off your purchase using coupon WAHMINC15 . Offer is valid until Nov 30 2014.Start shopping today! Click Here
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Are You a Saver or a Spender? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tweet When you’re starting a business, your money habits will play a big role in your success: how much you charge, how much you spend and how much you save. Want to figure out if you’re a saver or a spender? Check out this infographic provided by New…

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Remote Working for Women

The world has changed greatly over the past twenty years.  Computers are available to millions and the internet connects people in even the remotest places.  This has created a unique opportunity for people to work from home.  This is…

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How To Choose The Perfect Heels

How to choose the perfect heels.  I’ve never hidden my affinity for high heels, the higher the better, but there are certain key things I look for before pulling out my credit card.  It’s not just any shoe that’s coming home with me. …

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Direct Mail Can Deliver Business

Don’t overlook direct mail when seeking to increase sales. I know. I know. Direct Mail is soooo yesterday. We have social media and digital marketing, which are sooooo today.  Not true. Fact is, direct mail has always been, and…

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Financial Opportunities Every Single Mom Should Know

 photo Graduation-Hairstyles-For-Cap-And-Gown_zps0c5f0728.jpg

Single moms: Do you ever wish you could find a wealth of resources for single moms in one convenient place? Are you looking for grants and financial help? Don’t want to look blindly all over the Internet for hours on end to find what you need? Than is the perfect resource and has all that’s needed to afford a postsecondary education!

We all know that higher education is an extraordinary undertaking in the best circumstances, but single mothers face an even greater challenge and dare not try to attempt paying for college. Often, mothers suspend their educational pursuits to address the needs of their children. This consist of squeezing in spending time with their children, running errands and working long hours to provide for their families. When one has that kind of responsibility it can seem impossible to even think of attending college or even affording the opportunity to.

It is a proven fact that with a bachelor’s degree single parents are less likely to find themselves in a poverty stricken situation or in a dire financial state. However most do not attempt to try to obtain an degree as most believe it is to far out of reach. Well this is so very far from the truth. There are grants and scholarships available to help single mothers, many of whom are living in or close to poverty, achieve or obtain services to afford an higher education.

Single mothers are able to return to school, using available public or private grants aimed at helping them achieve success. No only in their employment but also as a productive parent and an a viable contributor in society. If you are a single mother looking to advance your horizons, broaden your children’s opportunities, and have financial freedom. Get the absolute best in grants and financial opportunities available to further your education. Get Started Now!

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How To Make Money With Apps

Today, apps are one of the best ways for you to quickly and easily gain a large amount of money. These apps add entertainment and spice to one’s boring world, so these became one of the trending topics in many social networking sites.
Because of these, many people have tried to create their own apps and get the money that they are yearning to have. However, only few of these app creators have succeeded.

Why do you think they have failed? Well, the answer is that they do not know the best ways to create an app that will conquer all the fanatics. But the question now is what really the best ways to create an app are.
This question that has been bugging your mind will be addressed by the one and only book that will teach you about the simple step-by-step process on how to create an app – How To Make Money With Apps. This guide will give you a new set of wonderful perspective that will make the app that you design one of a kind.

Apart from these, this how-to guide will also provide you with incredible benefits and features. Some of them are the following:

  • The whole simple process that you have to follow to make your app business incredibly profitable and successful
  • 3 of the top secrets of those who have been very successful in their app business
  • The answers to your questions about apps and the most strategic way on how to create a magnificent one
  • The major tactics and strategies to amaze people with the apps that you have created
  • New and proven approaches other than creating apps that are about prominent celebrities
  • Tips as a newbie that will turn you into something like a pro
  • A 60 day money back guarantee which means that when the results that you got after using the guide were not really that good or you are not satisfied with it, you can get all your money back!
  • A limited-time bonus where you can have a personal consultation with the author himself. This limited offer is for free and you can never find such consultation in any part of the world, so you really have to hurry up.

Aside from these things, there are still a lot more brilliant ideas that the book can provide. The information presented in the book will help you boost the chance of your app business to succeed.
Indeed, success in mobile apps business is never achieved that easily, but with the help of this how-to guide, you will absolutely be very successful in your app business plus you can enjoy all the benefits that it will bring you. So, why look for more? Visit You will certainly realize your dreams with the help of this guide.
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